Designing and developing the app began in 2018 by Bakogiannis Constantinos, Tsarouchas Anastasios, Mouselimis Dimitrios, Efstratios Theofilogiannakos και Vassilios Vassilikos, members of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Digital Cardiology Department of the Third Department of Cardiology AUTh. Of course, nothing would have been possible without the support and feedback of our patients, who actually inspired us to undertake this project.

Things we’ve done around the campus

ΑΠΘ την Κυριακή

thessHF at the 84th HELEXPO Fair

Our department presented the thessHF app at the 84th HELEXPO Fair. More info at our department’s website, (Link in Greek)

thessHF on national TV (ERT 3)

Our app was presented by our research team at the «SYN» TV talk show. You can find more info at our departments’ website. (Link in Greek)

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